Vegetable Daliya With Coriander Aloo

  • Breakfast
  • Servings
  • 3Spicy
  • 1hr 30minsCook Time
  • Cuisine : Indian
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This recipe I have made from broken wheat which is nutritious to eat. It is a healthy breakfast


1 cup broken wheat Salt to taste 2 carrots chopped 5to6 beans chopped 1/2 cup peas 1tbsp bese bale bath pd 1 tsp red chilli pd 1 tsp mustard seeds 5to6 dry red chilli Few curry leaves 1/2 cup toor dal 1 onion chopped 3 tomatoes grinded Ingredients for Coriander Aloo 4to5 potatoes chopped 1tsp oil 1 cup chopped coriander leaves 1 tsp dhanya pd 1tsp amchoor pd Pinch of turmeric pd 1tsp jeera


Prestige cooker, prestige non stick pan

Step By Step Method

  • In a cooker add, oil fry mustard seeds,curry leaves,dry red chilli, when crackle add chopped onion fry till light pink, then add grinded tomatoes an mix well till oil comes out. Then add the vegetables an mix well. Then add the bese bale bath pd,red chilli pd, an mix well. Then add the broken wheat, toor dal an mix well . Then add water an pressure cook it for 4 whistles. Method for Coriander Aloo In a bowl add chopped potatoes add a drop of oil, salt an mix well. Then keep it inside the oven for 2 mins. Then in a non stick pan add oil, fry jeera then add coriander leaves, chopped an mix well. Then add dhanya pd, amchoor pd,salt, turmeric pd an mix well. Then add the cooked potatoes an mix well.