• Dessert
  • 12 Servings
  • 1Spicy
  • 1Hr 20MinCook Time
  • Cuisine : International
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Crunchy biscuit layer, mixed with kit kat & twix, homemade caramel sauce, which won’t let the taste slip off your taste buds easily; melt in your mouth caramel mousse, topped with soft & silky ganache to give it a glistening finish!


Chocolate Crumb: -twix chocolate 100grams -kit kat chocolate 100grams -mc vities digestive biscuit crumbs 200grams Caramel Sauce: -sugar 210 grams(1 cup) -unsalted butter 85 grams(6 tablespoons) -amul fresh cream 120ml(1/2 cup) Caramel Cream: -whipping cream 375grams -dulce de leche 300grams Dark Chocolate Ganache: -amul cream 200grams -dark chocolate 200grams


1. Heavy bottom pan for caramel sauce 2. Pressure cooker for dulce de leche 3. Electric beater for whipping cream 4. Mixer for chocolate crumb 5. Mixing bowls, spatulas, whisks.

Step By Step Method

  • 1. Prepare the chocolate crumb by grinding all the ingredients of the chocolate crumb to a coarse sandy mixture. 2. To make the caramel sauce, heat the sugar in an open pan over medium heat, taking care not to stir. Once all the sugar has dissolved, it will slowly start to change its colour to golden. Add the butter to it, take the pan off the heat, count to 3, then slowly add the cream, and continue to whisk until caramel sauce is smooth. Allow to cool. 3. Dulce de leche: take a factory sealed tin of milk maid & place it in a pressure cooker with water, such that the tin is immersed in water. Pressure cooker it on high flame until the first whistle. Reduce the flame & allow to simmer for 30-40 minutes. Remove from flame & allow to cool completely. 4. For the caramel cream whip: whip the cream to soft peaks & add the dulce de leche. Continue to beat until fluffy & well combined. 5. Heat cream in a microwave safe bowl, add in the chopped dark chocolate & stir well until soft & smooth. 6. Now assemble all the components in a jar/individual shot glasses/glass dish in the following manner: -start with the layer of chocolate crumb & align it evenly at the base. -above this, pour a layer of caramel sauce (warm it slightly if it has settled) -allow it to set -top it with a few spoonfuls of caramel creme, allow it to set -pour in a layer of smooth ganache as the final topping & allow to set. 7. All through the layering, take care to arrange all the components neatly one over the other. Taking care to give a neat glimpse of the components from the sides of the dish. 8. Finish it with some chopped twix or kitkat bars, and a drizzle of caramel sauce & chocolate crumb.