Raspberry Sherbet

  • Dessert
  • Servings
  • 1Spicy
  • Cook Time
  • Cuisine : North Indian
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This is a delightful treat for those who love the fruity raspberry punch in every morsel of this sherbet.


  • ½ litre of Whole Milk
  • 200 grams of Sugar
  • 450 grams of fresh or frozen Raspberries
  • 1 ½ teaspoons of fresh Lemon Juice


Prestige Mixer and Grinder 

Step By Step Method

  • Step 1

    Grind all the ingredients into a smooth mixture in a blender except for the lemon juice.

    Step  2

    Now, this is strained to remove the seeds and the lemon juice is stirred into it.

    Step  3

    This mixture is frozen in a freezer proof dish covered with a cling film.

    Step 4

    Once this is firm, it is again blended in a food processor into a puree consistency.

    Step  5

    This is once again stored in the freezer as before till it becomes firm. Your Raspberry Sherbet is ready.


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