RasMalai CheeseCake - with a twist

  • Dessert
  • 8 Servings
  • 1Spicy
  • 5 hoursCook Time
  • Cuisine : Indian
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Hello everyone. When I wanted to try a new desert. I tried to combine my husbands’ and my likes in one desert. He being an Indian by Heart – RasMalai for him & for me it’s the rich and creamy - CheeseCakes. It’s a RasMalai CheeseCake (Vegetarian). It looks like loads of hard work, but trust me it’s a simple and delicious desert which you can make for any festival or occasion. The Indian in you will go Wow!! Steps in making the desert: 1. Making RasMalai 2. Making the Dry fruit crust 3. Making the CheeseCake batter 4. Assembling the desert i serve it with pistachio dust and lemon cream


1. RasMalai ⦁ Milk – 2 Liters ⦁ Vinegar – 1tsp ⦁ Sugar – 3 cups ⦁ Water – 5 cups ⦁ Cardamom powder – 1 tsp ⦁ Saffron strands - A pinch ⦁ Yellow color – ¼ tsp ⦁ Masala dudh or Badam milk powder – 1 tsp ⦁ Almonds sliced – 2 tbsp ⦁ Pistachios sliced – 2 tbsp 2. Making the Dry fruit crust ⦁ Almonds – 100 gms ⦁ Unsalted Pistachios – 100 gms ⦁ Seeded Dates – 200 gms 3. Making the cheese cake batter ⦁ Milk – ½ cup ⦁ Agar Agar powder – 1 ½ tsp ⦁ Cream cheese – 225 gms – room temperature ⦁ Whipping cream – 120 ml ⦁ Powdered sugar - ½ cup ⦁ Saffron strands – A pinch ⦁ Cardamom powder – ¼ tsp ⦁ Yellow food color – ¼ tsp ⦁ Vanilla essence – ½ tsp 4. Assembling the desert ⦁ Almond sliced ⦁ Pistachios sliced ⦁ Saffron strands ⦁ Gold powder


Saucepan ring mold Deep saucepan whisk spatula ladle deep pan

Step By Step Method

  • 1. RasMalai ⦁ Heat 1 liter of milk. ⦁ As it comes to boil add 1 cup sugar, Saffron, Masala Dudh powder, yellow color and half of the cardamom powder. ⦁ Stir and boil this mixture on medium high heat for 30 mins while occasionally stirring it. ⦁ In a separate pot boil the balance 1 liter of milk. ⦁ Once it boils add the vinegar and stir. It will separate the milk solids (chenna) and the liquid. ⦁ Strain this mix over a muslin cloth and hang it to drain for 20mins. ⦁ Boil 5 cups of water with 2 cups sugar. ⦁ Using your palm kneed the Milk solids (chenna) with the balance cardamom powder till it leaves grease on your palm and becomes a soft homogenous dough. ⦁ Roll out small balls from the dough and flatten it a little. Size of a small one rupee coin. Make sure to avoid cracks and balls are smooth. ⦁ Once the water sugar mixture starts to boil add the balls and cover and steam them for 12 o 15 mins on medium heat. Check after 5m mins. ⦁ Do not over crowd the pot as these balls will double in size. ⦁ One Steamed transfer the balls in a vessel of room temperature water to stop it from cooking further. ⦁ Once the balls and milk have cooled it time to mix them both. Squeeze the water form the balls and dunk them in the milk mixture and let them soak the milk. Top with sliced nuts. 2. Making the Dry fruit crust ⦁ Deseed the dates. ⦁ Place at the three in a food processor and blend them into a mixture. Should resemble coarse wet sand. If needed add one tsp water to combine them together. ⦁ I used a ring mold (even a spring form pan will work). ⦁ Place the ring mold on your serving platter and line the ring mold with acetate strip and lightly butter the base. ⦁ Press the dry fruit mixture to the bottom of the place. Use the back of spoon and press it down firmly and leave it to set in the fridge. 3. Making the cheese cake batter ⦁ Whisk milk, agar agar powder, saffron and leave it for 15mins. ⦁ Heat the milk mix on medium heat till agar agar dissolves and leave it to cool. ⦁ In a bowl whip the whipping cream till stiff peaks. ⦁ In a separate bowl whisk together cream cheese and sugar. ⦁ Add cardamom powder, vanilla and yellow color to the cream cheese mixture and stir. ⦁ Whisk in the cool mix and agar agar mixture into the cream cheese mixture. ⦁ Slowly fold in the whip cream till combined. I did it in two batches. Do not over mix. 4. Assembling the desert ⦁ Squeeze excess milk from the RasMalai and line the sides of the ring mold along the acetate sheet. ⦁ Pour the cheese cake mixture. Tap and level the top. ⦁ Leave it to set in the fridge fro min3 hrs or overnight. I left for overnight to intensify the flavors. ⦁ Garnish the top with sliced nuts and saffron strands ⦁ Dust gold powder. ⦁ Carefully slide the ring mold out and peel the acetate sheet. ⦁ Slice each RasMalai into one slice of cake and sever chilled. Looks Indian, Texture of CheeseCake, Tastes like RasMalai.