Moong Dal Dhokala

  • Breakfast
  • 8 Servings
  • 3Spicy
  • 30 Min Cook Time
  • Cuisine : Indian
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Soak moong dal for atleast 5 hours and make better out of it adding all spices as per requirement ....and keep it in boiling cooker for 20 minutes and then u can fry it after adding one two table spoon...add neem leaves ( Kadi Pata); and moong dal dhokla made in peaces and add some "Tal " and add This is speciqlly useful for high rich protein food and no need of too much oil .. " Moong Dal Dhokla:


Moong dal Spices


Boiling cooker or Known as Dhokla Cooker

Step By Step Method

  • As described

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