Matcha Tea

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Matcha tea is a popular tea in Japan. Finest shade-grown tea leaves are picked for this tea and powdered. Unlike other teas, the whole leaf tea is consumed instead of its extract alone.



Step By Step Method

  • This tea is not steeped like the other teas. 1 ½ teaspoon of matcha tea powder (2 grams) is sifted into a cup through a sifter to remove all the clumps from it. Take 60 ml of hot water which is short of boiled water in a separate teacup. Pour hot water over the matcha tea powder slowly to prevent it from clumping. Now whisk it with a zig-zag motion using a chasen (bamboo whisk) to infuse the matcha tea flavor. The tea is ready to be consumed immediately with its actual leaves. Avoid using a metal whisk or fork to retain the original flavor and aroma of the tea. 

    To make a thicker tea, you could use 4 grams of powder instead of 2 grams which would be 3 teaspoons of matcha tea powder in the same amount of hot water.


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