Kiwi Infused Spiced Rice

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Kiwi (Ripe) – 3 Nos

Dried Kiwi Slices – 2 Nos

Basmati Rice – 1 cup

Water – 1.5 cups

Onion – 1 No

Coconut milk – ½ cup

Heavy Cream – One table spoon

Green chillies – 3 Nos

Cooking oil – 2 -3 Tea spoons

Butter – One table spoon

Salt – As required

Elaichi – 3 Nos

Clove- 2 Nos

Cashew nuts – 6 Nos

Dried grapes – 4 Nos

Cinnamon – 1 Small stick

Grated ginger – half teaspoon

Garlic pods – 2 Nos

Curry leaves – 6 to 7 Nos

Coriander leaves –  Half cup



Step By Step Method

  • Make a puree of two ripe Kiwis and 3 green chillies and keep aside. Soak Basmati rice in water for 20 minutes , drain and keep aside . Heat cooking oil and butter to prestige electric rice cooker .Add  cashewnuts and dried grapes and sauté till cashewnuts are golden brown. Remove it from the cooker and keep it for final garnishing. In to the same pan , add elaichi, clove , cinnamon ,grated ginger, sliced garlic ,curry leaves and sliced onions and fry till aromatic. Add the drained Basmati rice and half portion of the Kiwi puree and sauté without breaking the rice for a minute .  Add 1.5 cups of water along with half cup of coconut milk , heavy cream, coriander leaves and required salt .Close the lid and put in cook mode. Once the rice is cooked ,fluff it up with a fork and remove it from the cooker to a bowl. Add the remaining portion of the Kiwi puree and mix carefully till the flavor is well balanced.

    Slice the second Kiwi in to thin half circles . In a bowl add half portion kiwi rice , gently press with a spoon. Layer the Kiwi slices on the rice and top up with the remaining rice Invert the bowl  to a plate, garnish with fried cashewnuts, grapes and small cubes of dried kiwi before serving.

    • Quantity of Green chillies can vary based on the spiciness required.

    • Before layering the rice with Kiwi slices , a dash of honey can be added to the Kiwi slices for a twist .

About Chef

Bijesh KV

My name is Bijesh, Winner of prestige Home chef 2019. I am into IT Sales profession . I have always been intrigued by the art of cooking. I feel very humbled by the experience. It is extremely encouraging for people like me who love to explore various cuisines. A big word of gratitude to Prestige and lovely mentors like Masterchef Shazia Mam and Chef Gyan... It has really been an out of the world experience .Thank you so much for giving a chance to home cooks like me to present gastronomical delights!! For the finals I made Spiced Kiwi rice , Orange chicken with a dash of honey and Choco orange mugcake with an Indian spice twist. Apart from cooking , I am also into Music. I am a singer and have a rock band by name 'Maple Reed '. Both cooking and music has been my stress-busters which helps me in rejuvenation