Kesariya Rasmalai

Kesariya Rasmalai Recipe
  • Dessert
  • 6 Servings
  • 2Spicy
  • 2 Hrs, 45 MinsCook Time
  • Cuisine : Bengali
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Soft chenna balls dipped in rich flavourful Ras/Masala Dudh/ Flavoured Milk. A decadent sweet dish, perfect for all festive occasion and a sure winner in your family.


For Kesariya Rasmalai :

All you need :

Ingredients :

For the Chenna

1. Milk : 500 ml (full fat Milk)
2. Lemon Juice : 2 Tsp
3. Vinegar : 1 Tsp
4. Cornflour : 2 Tsp

For the Syrup

1. Sugar : 1 cup
2. Water : 4 Cups

For the Ras/Masala Doodh/ Flavoured Milk

1. Milk : 300 ml
2. Sugar : 5 Tbsp
3. Kesar : 1 Tbsp
4. Cardamom : 2 Tsp
5. Almonds, Pistachios : 1 Tbsp


Heavy Bottom Pan - 2

Strainer - 1

Medium Sized Vessel - 2

Muslin Cloth - 1

Step By Step Method

  • Method :

    1. Boil the milk in a heavy bottom pan. Once it boils, add Lemon juice & Vinegar. Stir continuously till it curdles. Once the milk solids separate, drain it.

    2. After you drain it, rinse it under cold water to remove any traces of Vinegar or Lemon juice. Keep it aside to cool down for 10 min.

    3. Once the water has drained out completely, in a big plate take the chenna, add 2 Tsp of Cornflour and knead for exact 10 mins. Make sure you knead exactly for 10 min. this step is very crucial.

    4. After kneading for 10 mins, roll them into small balls. this should make 10-16 balls.

    5. While you are rolling out the balls, make the sugar syrup using, sugar & water. let it boil. Once the sugar syrup boils, add the chenna balls. cook for 20-25 mins or until the balls double in size.
    TIP : After 25 mins, take one ball and drop it into cold fresh water, if it sinks that means its cooked. test all the balls and put them back in the Syrup. turn off the flame.
    6. Meanwhile prepare the Ras/Masala Doodh/ Flavoured Milk. in a Heavy bottom pan, heat milk till it boils completely. Add Kesar, Cardamom and Almonds and Pistachios. Give it a good 20 mins boil or until the milk thickens.
    7. Once thats done, remove it over the flame, and squeeze the chenna balls & drop them into the milk. Done not mix or use a spatula, as these balls are very delicate.
    8. Refrigerate overnight or keep aside for 6 hrs.
    9. Serve nice and chilled :)