Italian Pasta

Italian Pasta Recipe
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  • Cuisine : Italian
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One of our favorites and so easy to do! Make sure you toss the pasta immediately with the sauce so the pasta will not stick. Bon Appetito!


  • Penne Pasta - 200 gms
  • Garlic - 50gms
  • Celery - 10gms
  • Leeks - 10 gms
  • Zucchini (assorted) - 25gms
  • Bell peppers (assorted) - 15 gms 
  • Oil - 50 ml
  • Amul Cheese - 50 gms
  • Tomatoes - 1/2 kg
  • Black Pepper - 5 gms, 
  • Onions - 100 gms
  • Red chilly flakes to taste
  • Basil Leaves - A few

Step By Step Method

  • Step 1. Boil the pasta and keep aside.

    Step 2. Blanch the tomatoes, mince it and keep aside.

    Step 3. Chop the Celery, Leeks, Onions, Zucchini, Bell peppers and Garlic.

    Step 4. Heat oil in a pan and add garlic, then fry till it gets a golden brown colour.

    Step 5. Now add vegetables and fry for a while.

    Step 6. Add Minced tomatoes and cook for some time.

    Step 7. Add all the seasonings, salt and crushed black pepper.

    Step 8. Add a little water and cook.

    Step 9. When the Gravy gets a little thick, add pasta and mix.

    Step 10. Finally, add some Cheese and chilly flakes.

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