Indo-Arabian Kunafa tarts

  • Dessert
  • Servings
  • 1Spicy
  • 45 minsCook Time
  • Cuisine : International
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An Arabian dessert consisting of Arabian vermicelli ( can be made with regular vermicelli) layered with cheese and drizzled over with fragranted sugar syrup


1. Kunafa dough-100 gms or vermicelli -100 gms 2. Cottage cheese -50 gms 3. Khoya -50 gms 4. Butter -30 gms +20 gms for greasing 5. Sugar-100 gms Water-1glass Rose water-1tsp Pistachios for decorating -100 gms


Tart pan. Or oven proof bowl

Step By Step Method

  • 1. Shred the vermicelli or kunafa dough with hands if vermicelli used, slightly roast the vermicelli in a pan and then crumble. 2. Melt the butter in the microwave and add it to the shredded kunafa dough or vermicelli and mix well. 3. Press the vermicelli on the base of a greased tart pan and adapt it firmly by pressing hard downwards with the help of your hands. 4. Sprinkle cottage cheese and khoya on top of the vermicelli layer. 5. Sprinkle another layer of vermicelli over the cheese and adapt it to the tart pan. 6. Bake in a pre heated oven at 180 degrees centigrade for about 10-15 minutes. 7. Once the top layer is brown invert the vermicelli onto another plate,and then shift it back to the tart pan upside-down,to brown the lower part, 8. Bake again for another 10 min's till brown. 9. Switch off the oven and remove the tart.. 10. In the meantime make sugar syrup by heating up a glass of water with 100 gms of sugar, once the syrup gets a little sticky add a few drops of lime and we off the flame. Once cool add rose water 1tsp to it. 11. Pour the sugar syrup over the vermicelli until it gets fully soaked in the syrup. 12. Add ground pistachios all over it and decorate 13. Serve hot accompanied by little more syrup in another container.