Hyderabadi Nawabi Haleem

  • Dinner
  • Servings
  • 3Spicy
  • 1Hr 40MinCook Time
  • Cuisine : Indian
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Straight from the royal dastarkhan of the mughal kings, a rich slow-cooked dish with wholesome mixture of meat and lentils. Treat yourself just the way the mughals did!


Powdered Garam Masala 2tsp Red chilly powder - 1tsp Turmeric- 1/2 tsp Cinnamon stick - 2 Green cardamom - 10 Pepper corns - 1 tablespoon Cloves - 1/2 tablespoon Kabob chini - 1/2 tablespoon Shazeera - 1 tea spoon Barely - 1 tablespoon Channa dal - 1 tablespoon Moong dal - 1 tablespoon Masoor dal- 1 tablespoon Wheat whole or broken wheat- 100 grams Mutton - 500 grams Ginger garlic paste - 2 tablespoon Salt - to taste Green chilies - 4 Onion slices 2 cups Ghee - 150ml Cashews 100g Mint lemon Curd- 2cups


Prestige 5L pressure cooker (2) Prestige omega select plus senior handi 5L

Step By Step Method

  • In a pressure cooker add 75ml of ghee, fry 1cup sliced onion until golden brown and keep it aside. Fry cashews until crisp in the same ghee and keep aside. In the same ghee(add a tablespoon more ghee if needed) add half of the whole spices, when sizzle add rest of the sliced onions, salt, saute it. Add turmeric powder, homemade garam Masala powder, ginger garlic paste, then add mutton, green chillies and coriander leaves. saute it for a min, add salt to taste and then add curd. put a pressure cooker lid and cook it for 1/2 hour (after 1 whistle reduce the flame and cook on a slow flame) Heat 1 tablespoon of ghee in a pan,add rest of the whole spices, shazeera, chana dal, moong dal, barley, masoor dal and whole wheat, roast all ingredients. Now transfer these ingredients into mixie jar to make a coarse powder. In another pressure cooker add a lentil coarse powder and add water, then add a tsp of ghee and put the lid on. cook it for 30 minutes After 30 minutes remove the lid once cool and mash with a masher. Now in a handi, add cooked mutton, few drops of lemon juice and to this add mashed lentils, mash it for at least 25-30 minutes by removing the bone pieces. Then keep stirring it by seasoning with salt along with leftover ghee for another 15 minutes. Garnish with fried onions, cashews, mint and lemon. Nawabi style Haleem is now ready to serve....