Gulbahar Rasgulla

  • Dessert
  • Servings
  • 1Spicy
  • 1 hrCook Time
  • Cuisine : Indian
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A sweet and beautiful treat for your sweetheart! A lovely twist to rasgulla.


Low fat cow milk - 1 lit White Vinegar - 2 tbsp Water - 3 cups Sugar - 1 ½ cup Rose essence- ½ tsp Raspberry red food colour - 1 small pinch Gulkand (rose petals preserve) - 2 to 3 tsp Rose petals for garnishing


Kadhai, strainer, gas stove

Step By Step Method

  • Boil the milk on simmer. While boiling, add the vinegar and stir it. Your milk will start to curdle and chena will be formed after few minutes. Lay a muslin cloth on strainer and pour this curdle milk. Now tied the two ends of the muslin cloth tightly and let it drain all the excess water, keep on strainer for at least 15 minutes . Take out the chena from the cloth, add food color. Chena will turn into lovely pink color immediately. Now mash the chena using your palm in big thali till it’s very smooth and creamy and has absolutely no lumps. Now divide the chena into equal parts. Make also small balls of gulkand. Take a part of chena, make ball. Make a depression with your finger in each ball and press in a small gulkand ball. With your palm give them nice and even ball shape. Make all rasgullas this way. The balls should have no cracks. otherwise it may break off during boiling. It makes about 15 pieces of rasgulla of equal sizes. Add sugar and rose essence in water and boil. When water boils, add the prepared balls in this syrup, boil for 5 minutes on high flame. Rasgulls must float in water. Then cover and boil for 5 minutes on high flame. Your Rasgulla is ready.