Grill Fish with cauliflower sauce and red amaranthus leaves and beans salad

  • Dinner
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  • 3Spicy
  • 1hr20minCook Time
  • Cuisine : International
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grill fish ,cauliflower chopped,cashewnuts,red amaranthus leaves,boiled beans.


fish fillet ,olive oil,salt,ginger and garlic,zeera powder,chat masala,black pepper,kasori methi,turmeric powder.. califlower sauce: chopped cauliflower,10 to 15 cashewnts,olive oil.salt.chopped garlic amaranthus red leaves and bean salad: chopped red amaranthus leaves,bolied red beans (beans).


2 pans,2 sauce pans,1 strainer,spatulas.

Step By Step Method

  • take fish fillet washed and cleaned then add salt 1tsp,little turmeric powder,1tsp black pepper powder,ginger garlic paste,zeera powder 1tsp,kasoorimethi1tsp,and half a lemon mix all this ingredients and rub it on the fish fillet and then place it on the hot oil in the pan and cook it both the sides. for the cauliflower sauce take a saucepan in it aad 2tsp of olive oil chopped garlic,chopped cauliflower,pinch of turmeric powder,10 to 15cashewnuts 2 cups of water and leave it to cook for 10 min till the cauliflower gets soft .later once it cool down blend it to a fine thin paste ,and pour it a saucepan then aad 1tsp of olive oil blackpepper and cook for 5min and then serve it in a bowl. For red amaranthus leaves and red beans salad: Take a pan aad few drops of olive oil then aad chopped red amaranthus leaves ,and boiled red beans ,a pinch of salt,few drops of lemon juice saute it nicely for 5 to 10 min once its cooked take it out and serve with grill fish with cauliflower sauce and red anaranthus and beans salad.