Espresso Coffee

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“Pulling a shot” is what Espresso is about. Nearly boiling water is forced under pressure through the finely ground coffee beans for about 20-30 seconds to extract Espresso coffee. It is enjoyed as a single or double shot as a concentrated form of coffee in its full flavor and aroma. It forms the base to make cappuccinos and lattes with added milk.



Step By Step Method

  • Use a Moka Pot or an Espresso Coffee maker to prepare the Espresso Coffee.

    •  The Moka Pot has 3 parts to it. Fill the bottom part (lower chamber) of the coffee maker with water until the notch of the screw.

    •  Add 2 tablespoons of coffee beans powder for 1 cup of coffee into the basket. Place it into the lower chamber and the top chamber is screwed onto it.

    • Heat it on the stovetop at medium to high heat and within minutes the water boils and passes through the ground coffee in the basket and enters into the top chamber. 

    • The bubbling sound indicates the water has been used up completely to brew the coffee.

    • You can have it as a shot which is the essence of aromatic coffee in its full flavor, that is no milk. 

    • Single-shot would be 15 ml of pure coffee.

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