Eggless biscuits cake

  • Dessert
  • 8 Servings
  • 1Spicy
  • 45minCook Time
  • Cuisine : International
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Eggless aashirvad cake using cooker.. Very less cost.. Less time.. Very easy.


Ingredients : 1)20 pieces Parle G Biscuits 2) 20 pieces Hide And Seek Biscuit 3)1 cup Dry Fruits 4)3/4 cup Sugar 5)few drops Vanilla Essence and 1 eno 6)to grease mold Oil,and 1 spoon wheat flour 7)2spoon coco powder 8)4 spoon drinking chocolate 9)1 dairy milk chocolate 10)1bowl aashirvad atta


prestige cooker, steel plate, mixing bowl, mixter grinder

Step By Step Method

  • Procedure : At first, roughly break Parle G biscuit. Add biscuits and sugar to mixer grinder.Grind both the ingredients to make fine powder Transfer this powder to a bowl, in which you will mix cake ingredients. In the same jar, add Hide and Seek biscuits,Grind Hide and Seek biscuits to make fine powder. You will notice, some cream over here. It is just because of choco chips of biscuits Transfer it to the bowl, where you have already added Parle G biscuits powder. Now, add aashirvad atta and add dry fruits to the bowl.Now, add milk and vanilla essence to it. now add coco powder, and drinking chocate.. Mix the mixture properly.Add eno to it.mix it properly Immediately, pour it in mold. apply oil and sprinkle flour on mold.. by doing this the cake after cooked won't be stick to mold.. it will easily separate from the the mold.. now in a cooker put some water and place one bowl and on that bowl place the cake mold.. if u are not having cake mold u can use normal steel plate.. and close and cap of cooker and cook for 25 minutes in low flame.. To check your cake. Insert a tooth pick in the middle of your cake and if it comes out clean, then understand, that it is baked properly. now let your cake cool down properly, then take it out from mold. to decorate the cake upper portion make sweet liquid by mixing coco powder, drinking chocolate and some sugar and 1 spoon milk.. this liquid will be think and pour this liquid all over on top of cake.. and sprinkle dairy milk chocolate crumbs on top of cake.. and decorate with cashew nuts.. now the cake is ready to serve. keep this cake in fridge for 15 minutes and latter you can eat..