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  • Cuisine : Himachal Pradesh
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Dhaam is a special Himachali cuisine inspired long ago when Jaistambh, the then-King of Himachal Pradesh, ordered his cooks to prepare a similar dish like Kashmiri Wazwan but without the use of meat.



Step By Step Method

  • Well, apart from its cooking style, the best part of Dhaam is that that it's served plates made of dried leaves of sal and banyan trees, weaved together with thin pleats of bamboo wood, called pattals.It starts with rice, moong dal, rajma and chole cooked in a different yet unique style by adding approximately 20 spices, collectively known as madrah.It's then followed by 'maash' dal. As the name suggests, it's made by mixing three variety of dals - moong dal, urad dal and the masoor dal.For a sweet & sour taste, the 'maash' dal is garnished with the Khatta sauce, made from sweet jaggery and sour tamarind. But the speciality lies in its preparation way as an iron vessel is used instead of other utensils to prepare the dish. This also helps in the removal of fat from the madrah (because of ghee).It ends with a sweet flavour known as mitha bhaat - sweet rice or mithdee (made of boondi or bread crumbs etc.)

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