Dalgona Coffee

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If you love coffee, then you would've surely tried #DalgonaCoffee once. Here's an easy way to make this amazing coffee at home.


- 2 tbs coffee powder
- 2 tbs boiling water
- Ice cubes 
- 2 tbs sugar
- Cold milk


Step By Step Method

  • Step By Step Method
    - Take a medium-sized bowl and mix 2 tablespoon coffee powder, 2 tablespoon sugar and hot water.
    - After adding the above ingredients, blend the coffee mixture using a whisker until it turns frothy and creamy. 
    - Now, take a glass or coffee mug. Add small cubes of ice as per your convenience.
    - Pour cold milk in the glass/coffee mug and add the whipped creamy mixture to it.
     - Serve chilled.

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