Chicken labader

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  • 3Spicy
  • 35 minutes Cook Time
  • Cuisine : Indian
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Chicken flavoured with spices and immersed with cream


Chicken Curd Cream Oil Ginger Garlic Red chilli powder Chicken masala powder Garam masala powder Kasuri Methi Salt Water Black pepper powder Baby cashew Onion Tomato Egg Curry leaves Green chilli


Kadai Laddle Measuring spoon

Step By Step Method

  • 1) marinate the chicken with curd, Egg, red chilli powder and salt 2) After 20 minutes, fry the chicken in the oil until it cooks and tenders. 3) add oil in a pan, add chopped ginger and Garlic saute it, add curry leaves, slit green chilli saute nicely. 4) then add onions and tomato, cool until juice comes out, add fried chicken, add salt, garam masala, chicken masala powder, black pepper powder saute nicely 5) then, add cream and immerse the chicken and add baby cashew nuts and 6) serve with cream sauce.

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