Almondtart with vanilla bavarois with some roasted pistachio and fresh fruits

  • Dessert
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  • 1Spicy
  • 2-3hoursCook Time
  • Cuisine : International
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Almond tart with vanilla bavarois with some roasted pistachio and fresh fruits


Tart 120grams Maida/All purpose flour 75grams butter 1tbsp oil 3tbsp water Pinch of salt 3tbsp sugar Almond filling 1tbsp unsalted melted butter 3/4cup almond meal or powder 1/3cup sugar 1egg 1/2teaspoon vanilla extract 1/2teaspoon lemon zest A pinch of salt Vanilla Bavarois 1large fresh egg 25grams caster sugar 60ml full fat milk 1/2 vanilla pod or vanilla extract 2 leaves gelatin leaf 125ml double cream.


Non-stick saucepan

Step By Step Method

  • Method Tart (1)To make pastry for tart , preheat oven at 190°c (2)Heat butter and oil in a non-stick pan, add 3tbsp water,salt and sugar mix and let the butter melt ,switch of the flame (3)Add flour and mix till everything is well combined ,set aside to cool (4)line tart moulds with small portion of the dough place butter paper on top of the dough in each mould and fill it with chickpeas or rajma bake in the preheatedoven for 12-15minutes Almond filling (1)Take a clean bowl Add 3/4cup almond meal or powder ,sugar,1egg,vanilla extract ,lemon zest and a pinch of salt mix together until combined and add 1tbsp unsalted melted butter mix until well combined (2)Remove the tart from oven remove butter paper from each tart and pour the almond filling on each tart and put back in the oven for Another 10-12mintues or until firm golden brown. Vanilla Bavarois (1)separate the egg, putting the yolk into a clean bowl and save whites for another use (2)pour the milk into a saucepan put vanilla pod to the milk allow it to cook for a while to infuse the vanilla flavour into the milk (3) soak the gelatin in a bowl of cold water (4)place the milk into the low heat and bring almost to boil (5)meanwhile ,whisk the egg yolk and sugar until they become thick and creamy (6)when the milk is almost boiling remove from the heat and carefully pour over the egg mixture stirring constantly with a spoon now pour the mixture back to saucepan and put on a low flame keep stirring with the spoon untill the mixture become to thicken slightly until coats the not allow the mixture to boil.remove from the heat. (7)Take gelatin leaf and squeeze out the excess water and place in a mixture it will dissolve in few seconds (8)straine the mixture, allow it to cool keep stirring time to time (9)when the mixture is cool enough place in the fridge (10) lightly whisked the double cream into soft peaks (11)Remove the mixture from the fridge and gently fold the whisked cream mix well pour into the moulds and return to the fridge to finish setting for about 2hours (12)when they are set ,turn out the vanilla bavarois onto plate (13)place the vanilla bavarois on top of the tarts garnish with some fresh fruits and roasted pistachio.