7 cups

  • Snacks
  • 50 Servings
  • 1Spicy
  • 1 hourCook Time
  • Cuisine : Indian
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Seven cups is a delicious south Indian sweet made with gram flour, ghee, fresh coconut, oil, milk and sugar. This Sweet gets its name "7 Cup" since seven cups of ingredients are used to make it.


1 cup besan, 1 cup fresh coconut, 1 cup milk, 1 cup ghee, 1 cup oil and 2 cups of sugar.


Kadai and spatula.

Step By Step Method

  • Grease a plate and keep aside. Add all the ingredients ie. besan ,grated coconut ,sugar,ghee,oil and milk . Mix well so that no lumps are formed . Once everything is mixed well , place the kadai on flame. Keep the flame on medium and keep stirring the mixture continuously . You will observe that once the mixture gets heated , it will start becoming thin . As you continue stirring , you will notice that the mixture is getting thicker , darker and bubbles are forming.Continue the stirring process so that that mixture doesn't stick to the bottom and gets burned . Once the mixture starts leaving the surface and becomes a single mass and its done. You will see that it has a porus texture now. A good 7 cup burfi is determined from this. Transfer to the greased plate . Tap the tray and using a spatula spread it evenly to get desired thickness. Smoothen the surface using the base of a greased cup. When still warm, make markings of desired shape and size. Seven Cup is ready to serve now.