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    In Indian cooking , roasting is usually done in a tandoor, which helps to impart the flavour. The juices of the meat drip on the the charcoal which sizzles and sends up billows of smoke. Kebabs, paneer and vegetables can be roasted on a sigri or a grill. a) Spit roasting : The food to be cooked is brought in direct contact with the flame of a clear,bright fire.The food is basted with fat and is turned on regularly to ensure even cooking and browning. Roast meats have a very special flavour, for e.g barbecued meats. b) Oven Roasting : Food is cooked in a closed oven at a constant temperature by dry circulating air as in baking of cake or roasting of chicken / mutton. c) Pot roasting : This method is used to cook small joints in a thick heavy pan,not necessarily in an oven. The pan is covered with a well fitting lid and cooked over a very slow flame.