Preparation Method

  • Juliennes

    Vegetables, like carrots, capsicums or even ginger cut into long thin strips.

  • Kneading

    Combining of liquid with flour for making dough using pressure of hand is the process of kneading.

  • Marinade

    A mixture, mostly comprising of a liquid like yogurt and herbs, spices and condiments. Used in cooking for the purpose of applying to a cooking object to make it tender and / or tasty.

  • Marinate

    Covering the food object with oil, tenderisers, spices, seasonings etc. to tenderise, give good taste and facilitate fast cooking.

  • Mashing

    This is a method of breaking up soft foods for the purpose of giving them some shape or coating for further cooking, such as cooked potatoes or vegetables.

  • Mince

    Another version of grinding. Reducing a food item to its smallest possible unit through mechanical action of some gadget operated manually or electrically.

  • Peeling

    Removal of outermost layer of the cooking or ready to serve object.

  • Piping

    To force a pulp or batter through a piping bag, to give a desired shape.

  • Pressure cooking

    By increasing the pressure in an enclosed vessel, the boiling temperature is increased leading to decrease in cooking time.

  • Prick

    Making small openings on a food item for the purpose of marination or to let spices penetrate inside. It can be done through the pointed end of a knife, a fork or fingers.