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    White vinegar

    Vinegar is an acidic liquid produced from the fermentation of ethanol in a process that yields its key ingredient, acetic acid (ethanoic acid). It also may come in a diluted form. pH of table vinegar ranges from 2.4 to 3.4 (higher if diluted). The acetic acid concentration typically ranges from 4% to 8% by volume for table vinegar and up to 18% for pickling. Natural vinegars also contain small amounts of tartaric acid, citric acid, and other acids. Vinegar has been used since ancient times and is an important element in European, Asian, and other cuisines. The word "vinegar" derives from the Old French word "vinaigre" meaning "sour wine". Vinegar is commonly used in food preparation, particularly in pickling processes, vinaigrettes, and other salad dressings. It is an ingredient in sauces such as mustard, ketchup, and mayonnaise. Vinegar is sometimes used while making chutneys. It is often used as a condiment. Marinades often contain vinegar. Condiment for beetroot — cold, cooked beetroot is commonly eaten with vinegar Condiment for fish and chips — People commonly use malt vinegar (or non-brewed condiment) on chips. Flavoring for potato chips — many American, Canadian and British manufacturers of packaged potato chips and crisps feature a variety flavored with vinegar and salt. Vinegar pie — a North American dessert made with a vinegar to one's taste and similar to chess pie.[citation needed] Pickling — any vinegar can be used to pickle foods. Cider vinegar and sauces — cider vinegar usually is not suitable for use in delicate sauces. *Apple cider vinegar - Usually placed on the table in small bowls or cups so that people can dip their crab meat into it. Also mixed with water and used to steam crabs. Substitute for fresh lemon juice — cider vinegar can usually be substituted for fresh lemon juice in recipes and obtain a pleasing effect although it lacks the vitamin C. Saucing roast lamb — pouring cider vinegar over the meat when roasting lamb, especially when combined with honey or when sliced onions have been added to the roasting pan, produces a sauce. Sweetened vinegar is used in the dish of pork knuckles and ginger stew which is made among Chinese people of Cantonese backgrounds to celebrate the arrival of a new child. Sushi rice — Japanese use rice vinegar as an essential ingredient for sushi rice. Red vinegar — Sometimes used in Chinese soups Flavoring — used in the Southern U.S. to flavor collard greens, green beans, black-eyed peas, or cabbage to taste. Commonly put into mint sauce, for general palate preference. Vinegar — especially the coconut, cane, or palm variety — is one of the principal ingredients of Philippine. White vinegar can be used as flavoring in ham and bean