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    Turmeric (Fresh)

    Fresh turmeric has unlike other members of the ginger family used in Thai cooking; fresh turmeric is pleasantly mild and does not have a sharp bite. On the other hand, it has a very loud color - deeply orange inside an orange-tinged beige-brown skin. Turmeric is much smaller than ginger, the fleshy root composed of a fat cylindrical rhizome tapered on both ends, from whose sides branch two opposite rows of short, slender fingerlike appendages from one to three inches in length. Growing both straight or curved, smooth or knobby and gnarly, the "fingers" break easily from the parent root and are more often found in markets as unattached members. Fresh turmeric has a distinct flavor, very pleasing though delicate. Another variety, known by some as "white" turmeric, is consumed by Southeast Asians and available from some of their markets during late spring and summer. Its flesh is a lighter color than common turmeric; its flavor, however, is not as subtle, and some roots can be quite pung