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    Pomfret is an informal category of fish containing over 30 known species that are members of the Bramidae family. All pomfrets can be identified by their flat bodies and the long dorsal fin that trails along the entire body of the fish. The different species of fish that are identified as pomfrets come from at least eight different genera. Some species are fairly rare and even threatened with extinction. Other pomfret species are fairly widespread and are treasured species of commercial fish throughout Asia. A fish only needs to have the correct shape and fin structure to be considered a pomfret, and such species of fish can be found throughout the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Most of these species are unrelated to one another and are considered pomfrets solely based on their shape. There are eight genera that have pomfret species of fish. Pomfrets are typically prepared whole after the inner organs of the fish have been removed. The fish are considered to taste best when they are cooked fresh by being either fried or steamed. Pomfret fish like the Atlantic pomfret have been reported as having a savory flavor that does not have the strong odor and aftertaste that is associated with many species of saltwater fish.