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    Lemon grass stalk

    Related to citronella, this bulbous, greyish green tropical grass is a favored herb in Southeast Asian cuisines, where its delicate, lemony essence permeates a wide assortment of dishes. In Thai cooking, lemongrass is used most frequently to flavor soups, salads and curries. Lemongrass is a very fibrous grass and comes in long, slender stalks about a foot long, normally with its coarse, flat, grassy blades already cut off. Lemongrass is very mild, rating only a one on the hotness scale. It is most closely associated with savory dishes and with Thai, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Indonesian, and Indian cooking. Lemongrass is used in curry, stir fry, soups, and marinades. For example, it can be sautéed, mixed with soy sauce and spices, and used as a marinade. It is also popular with seafood. Lemongrass is often used in combination with coconut milk.