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    Honey is a sweet yellow to rich amber colored viscous fluid produced by bees. Other insects can also produce honey, but bee honey is the product which most people are familiar with, since it has been consumed for centuries as a sweetener. As an alternative to sugar, honey is a sweet, dense flavorful food which can vary widely in taste and color, depending on what the bees are eating. Most grocers sell honey, since it is a very popular food around the world. The bee product is naturally sweet, and was the only major sweetener in use among humans for quite some time. Honey can be used in baking, utilized as a spread on breads, or added to drinks for additional sweetness. It is also used in the manufacture of savory foods, like honey glazed hams. Beekeepers can control the flavor to some extent with plantings of different flowers; as a general rule, the darker the honey, the more intense the flavour.