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    Green gram

    Mung beans are small green legumes. Legumes are seeds from the pods of plants in the Leguminosae family and also the Fabaceae family. When sprouted, mung beans are usually just called bean sprouts. Like many other legumes, the mung bean can be eaten raw when sprouted, or else eaten cooked with the skin on or off. Unlike many other beans, the mung bean is quite easy on the digestive tract and doesn’t usually cause a gassy reaction. The beans are small, ovoid in shape, and green in color. The Mung bean, also known as green bean, moong (whole) or moong dal (split) green gram, golden gram, and green soy, is the seed of Vigna radiata, which is native to Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. The split bean is known as moong dal, which is green with the husk, and yellow when dehusked.