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    Dry red chillies (Whole)

    These chillies are smaller and rounder and less pungent but give a very vibrant red color to a dish. Finely grounded and distinctly flavored, Kashmiri Mirch is selectively bred for color and flavor. Available in a wide range of color values, the best are bright red and valued for their high color retention. They give a glowing red colour to dishes without imparting too much heat and making the dish more appealing and palatable. Kashmiri Mirch is a special blend of medium hot quality Red Pepper. · It can be added to any preparation that calls for Red chilli powder, if you want appealing red colour. · It can be added to curries, vegetable dishes, tomato sauce, soups, stews. · It is added to marinade for marinating and to frying onions along with chopped tomatoes while preparing curries. · It can also be blended in equal proportion with red chilli powder. This is often done to improve the colour of the dish as well as to add that's hot taste.