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    Exotic Mexican plant which tastes of cucumber and lime called cucamelon.

    It is an odd-looking fruit can be pickled, made into salsa or eaten on its own. They are the size of grapes, look like miniature watermelons. The Cucamelon is a central American delicacy that's been eaten in Mexico for centuries. Despite being stocked by some supermarkets the unusual crop is rarely seen in British gardens.

    Cucamelon can be used in a variety of dishes including salads and salsa, or can be speared and placed in a martini glass which works quite well. The fruit is also known as a 'mouse melon' or 'Mexican sour gherkin'. They can be cultivated in tubs, pots, or growbags and take around two to three months to mature. The sour fruits grow on a thin vine and are surrounded by leaves that look similar to ivy and drop to the floor when ripe. Despite their exotic origins, they are actually easier to grow than regular cucumbers. This is because they are ignored by pests, resistant to drought and perfectly happy to grow outdoors.