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    Spices Box

    A Masala Dani is a traditional Indian spice box set made up of one large outer tin and 7 inner spice pots.

    Most Indian homes have at least 1 masala dani and they are used to store the most commonly used spices.

    The inner lid sits on top of the 7 spice pots when in daily use, to prevent contamination whilst cooking, and the larger outer lid should be kept in place for longer periods, that is when the spices are not being used.


    Using spices and herbs is an art. You should know how much to add and how to combine flavors. Several guidelines suggest amounts to use in developing recipes. Strong, pungent spices such as red pepper should be used in small amounts and more delicate seasoning can be used in greater amounts without spoiling a dish. The spice or herb should enhance and not overpower the flavor.