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Title : Some useful kitchen tips

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cooking tips.

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1. To get the gravy in rich color, add little bit of sugar and fry it in the oil or ghee before start to cook.

2. To get the pappets in same crispy for next day keep it in a plastic  cover in to the freezer.  it will be in the same taste and also in same crispy.

3. if u dont even have little bit of curd to get the milk as curd for next day, put a dry chillies brown stick(kambu in tamil) in milk. it will get changed to curd.

4. if u want to get rid of sticky rice in cooker. add two spoon of ginger oil into the rice before start to cook.

5. To get Smabar more taste, pls add one spoon of ginger oil while the time of boiling the dal.

6. To get the greenish  color of green leafs even after cooking, pls add one spoon of turmeric powder before washing and saok for 5 mts. It s more healthy too.

7. If u wnat get the rasam more taste pls add little bit of sugar into it.

8. If u want to get dosa in golden brown colour like hotel, pls add chopped coconut and also some yogurt water into it.

9. pls add some soji for getting poori as more crispy and taste

10. To get rid of bad smell in fridge, pls put half lemon into the door.

11. To get rid of balck strain or dirt in ur hand after cook, pls use lemon with salt for washing. it bleached ur hand thorughly.





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