Cooking Tips :

How to boil eggs evenly and without cracking them

When boiling eggs, add a little vinegar or an extra amount of salt to the water & then boil the eggs

How to clean the fried thick oil

If oil used for frying turns dark, add a teaspoon of white vinegar, cover with a lid and keep on slo

How to cook chicken

While cooking chicken or meat, you should first cook it over high flame to seal the juices and then

How to deep fry at home

While making fried food at home, it may not always turn out to be perfect, crispy and evenly fried.

How to enhance the taste of curries

To enhance the taste of your curries or vegetables with gravy or any Non-veg item, add chopped  corr

How to give a rich red color to the gravy

To give a rich red color to the curries and gravies.

How to keep green leafy dishes GREEN

Generally the green leafy dishes turn pale or brown. This happens due to over cooking and boiling.

How to keep homemade pastes fresh for longer

How to keep homemade pastes fresh for longer

How to keep peeled potatoes fresh

If there is a party and one needs to peel lots of potatoes then one can do so 1-2 days earlier.

How to make a smoothie in under 10 mins

A very quick and easy way to make smoothies at home in under 10 mins.