Cooking Tips :


take a small piece of ginger and mash well . dip in a little lime juice and salt for 15 mins .this w

Dont throw the ripe bananna turn it into a TREAT

For bananas that are ripe and ready to eat but you have too many, peel the bananas and freeze them t

Easy way to peel roasted brinjals

How to easily peel off the skin of the brinjals for making bhartas

Egg fix

Most Common Cooking Mistakes Egg fix:

Enhance or retain the color of vegetables

To retain or enhance the color of vegetables after blanching (especially greens), add a pinch of bak

Excellent topping if you run short of cheese

Paneer crumbs, bread crumbs and some melted butter, tossed together form an excellent topping if you

Fast fry of onions

While fry the onions for curry add a pinch of salt ,onions fries very fast and comes nice golden col

Flavored Butter

Make your own Flavoured Butter? How to Make Flavoured Butter. Adding flavouring to butter can be a q

Fluffy Friut Cake

1.) Avoid Using Cold Eggs 2.) Measure the Flour Properly 3.) Use a Pastry Brush to Butter the Pa

For chicken tikka

marinate chicken pieces in curd,ginger,garlic,lemon,salt,pepper,garam masala ,lemon juice paste.. fo