Cooking Tips :

Reshmi kabab

when we make chicken reshmi kababs usually what we do is we take the breast part of the chicken , wh

Right way to fry anything

how to amke thing absorb less oil while frying

Sauteing and Pan Frying

Pan-frying closely resembles sauteing, with the main difference being that pan-frying uses slightly

Smooth and creamy green chutney

add some dry roasted sesame seeds to your green chutney to give it a smooth creamy texture and incre

Smooth gravy

to avoid curdling of curd while adding in the gravies add 2 tsp of cooking oil to the curd and beat

Soak dryfruits in rum to give richness and flavor to Christmas Plum Cake

Soak raisins,currants,cherries,orange peel in rum for at least one month before Christmas.The longer

Soft and moist eggless cake

eggless cake would be really soft and moist if you use any aerated  soft drink to adjust the right c

Soft Omelette

To add a tea spoon milk while making omelette this makes soft n smooth omelette.

soften idle


Softer chappattis

To make softer chappathis knead the dough with 2 spoons of ghee and milk.