Cooking Tips :

4 Ingredient Simple Super Smoothie

A super nutritious, quick drink with loads of energy and proteins, this is a simple smoothie you can

Aam Ka Achar Masala

While making Aam Ka Achar (Pickle)  if masala is left over then heat the oil & masala then add boile


Amla has rich content of Vitamin C and hence consuming Amla on a daily basis helps keep infections a

Apple Snack

A simple, easy-to-make snack which requires no oil and no cooking. All you need is 3 ingredients.


To avoid spilling over of milk when boiling it: If you see yourself standing in front of the stove

Benefits of fruits and ingredients

Ever wondered how would ingredients benefit us in our day to day life? Here's a list of commonly fou


While boiling eggs, add a little salt to the water, this will prevent them from cracking.


Carrot Cake covered with a tangy and sweet cream frosting.

Chapati change into Tandoori

Some times wheat’s dough get sour i.e. fermented then make Tandoori roti of it as it is light & easy

chopping herbs

When chopping herbs, toss a little salt onto the cutting board; it will keep the herbs from flying a