Cooking Tips :

A smart baking tip

Dust your baking pan with the dry cake mix, instead of just plain flour before you pour in t

Bad odor in microwave oven

To get rid of the burnt smell or bad smell from the microwave oven do this: Fill a microwave saf

Bad odor in oven

Some times cooking odor (non-veg dishes, garlic etc.) may retain in the microwave oven. To remove, p

Blackening of aluminium vessel

To prevent the blackening of the inner sides and the lid of a new aluminium vessel fill it with a li

Cooker Long duration

Do not leave water in your cooker overnight or for a long duration. Natural salt in the water many a

Durability of Non Stick Cookware

Cookware : Before using non stick cookware following process is must for its durability. Apply a

For Baingan Bharta lovers

Enhance the flavour of Baingan Bharta by adding ¼ spoon of sugar to the dish. While roa

How to extend life for cookwares

1. Basic care for all cookware starts with reading the manufacturer's care instructions.   2.

Myths about a cast iron fry pan

Cooking with cast iron pans can be tricky. They're heavy and rust easily. But they last forever (if

The art of brining

Brining of low fat cut meats make them tender and juicy. The meat tends to absorb the seasonin