Cooking Tips :

How to keep ur griller rust free

to keep ur griller from rusting just apply oil to the iron rods , wrap it with newspaper and keep it

How to make curd in summer

Take a pan and boil milk .inwhich u hav tomake curd add milk and than add tsp curd ..and 1whole gree

How to Make Simple Syrup

Want to sweeten your lemonade or iced tea? Don’t reach for the sugar bowl. You’ll get a better resul

How to remove smell from plates and glasses

How to clean smelly utensils and glasses

How to remove those annoying Stickers from Kitchen utensils

I had a sticker that was really stuck to a coffee mug and I couldn't get it off.  I even washed it s

Lunch box

Replace sweets and candy with a few dry fruits like almonds, etc. for after lunch munching. So much

Making stale or soft Bhel fresh

Using kitchen appliances to make stale/soft food item fresh

Meat Preservation

When putting meat joint in the fridge cover it with foil to prevent it from drying.

microwave cleaning

how to clean microwave...very easy...just 3 mins

Never ending supply of Vinegar

Never ending Supply of Vinegar in your Kitchen