Cooking Tips :

Dry coconut absorbe

If the curd sour mix 2-3 pieces of dry coconut they will absorbed the taste of sour.

Eye care

Pour readymade tea bags into ice cold water and then put on irritation area of eyes. Immediately you

For cutting green chillies

Instead of using a knife ,use a kitchen Scissor for cutting green and red chillies to prevent the bu

Fresh Coriander leaves

Do not cut and store coriander leaves instead cover  the  entire herb in plastic wrap and refrigerat


Making gingergarlic paste so people can make that paste from very Little amount of garlic and ging

How beneficial are roasted peanuts

Roasting peanuts has 3 times more nutritional value than raw peanuts.

How to cut and peel an Avacado

Have trouble peeling an avocado? Need to know how to cut and store them the correct way? Follow inst

How to deodorize your sink

How to deodorize your sink and tub drains, and keep lingering odors from resurfacing?

How to prepare crisp Aloo Tikki (Potato patties)

When preparing aloo Tikki

How to prevent bugs and insects from infesting stored rice

Rice, if not stored correctly can easily get infested by bugs and insects. Follow this non-chemical