Cooking Tips :

Carrot Trivia

Did you know? Carrots are a root vegetable that originated in Afghanistan. They were purple, red, wh


Information about celery

Chilly Fresh

Wash the green chilly, dry it and remove the cap of the chilly. Put in the glass bottle and sprinkle

Cinnamon Magic

Cinnamon can be effectively used to cure respiratory aliments, to relieve cold symptoms and to sooth

Clean the cauliflower before use

During monsoon, the cauliflowers invariably have some worms in them. Just immerse the entire caulifl

Cleaning fruits and vegetables

Soak vegetables / fruits before cutting in water for 10 mins. This will remove all the harmful chemi

Cloves Importance

Cloves contain volatile oils whose main component is eugenol which has anti-inflammatory properties.

Did you know Avocados can help keep you young

Avocados could help fight aging and several diseases as they bolster cells' power centres against ha

Did you know Radish is very useful to cure diseases like Jaundice and Piles

Radish is useful in quite a few diseases such as Jaundice, Piles, Weight Loss, Skin disorders and ma