Cooking Tips :

Eye care

Pour readymade tea bags into ice cold water and then put on irritation area of eyes. Immediately you

Fluffy Friut Cake

1.) Avoid Using Cold Eggs 2.) Measure the Flour Properly 3.) Use a Pastry Brush to Butter the Pa

How to cut and peel an Avacado

Have trouble peeling an avocado? Need to know how to cut and store them the correct way? Follow inst

Sauteing and Pan Frying

Pan-frying closely resembles sauteing, with the main difference being that pan-frying uses slightly


Steaming is a process of cooking food using steam from rapidly boiling water. The most common type o

How to deep fry at home

While making fried food at home, it may not always turn out to be perfect, crispy and evenly fried.

Mashed Potatoes

How to make mashed potatoes?

Making the perfect mashed potatoes, every single time

Learn how to prepare the perfect mashed potatoes for aloo parathas, aloo tikkis or just about any di

How to store green peas

Green peas are not always in season and can be very expensive at times. Follow this tip to know how

Making of Caramel for decorating any king of desert

Procedure to make caramel