Cooking Tips :

10 must have kitchen tools for every household

Following are 10 must have kitchen tools for every household.

How to make Til ki chikki

Til Chikki is a healthy sweet recipe, perfect as a crunchy afternoon snack, had best after meals as

Soups in Winters

Winter is a time when you tend to get more sluggish, when you want to sleep for "only 5 mins. more",

How to quickly make home made hot chocolate

Hot Chocolate is a welcome treat on a any day. By simply heating milk with a few more ingredients, y

How to deodorize your sink

How to deodorize your sink and tub drains, and keep lingering odors from resurfacing?

How to make a smoothie in under 10 mins

A very quick and easy way to make smoothies at home in under 10 mins.

Benefits of eating Jaggery (Gur)

It is recommended to take a few grams of jaggery (Gur) after a heavy meal or after eating meat to sp

How beneficial are roasted peanuts

Roasting peanuts has 3 times more nutritional value than raw peanuts.


Do you lose control over food during festivals or long vacations? Read on to know how to detoxify po

How to make quick Kaju Barfi at home

Kaju barfi is probably the most favorite Indian dessert, a delicious treat for any occasion. Here's