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Air Fryer PAF 1.0

Less oil is healthy! isn’t it? So here we go and present to you all the Prestige Air Fryer, the healthy alternate to fried food. Now allow yourself to get indulge in some best air fryer recipes like oil free chips, snacks, meat etc., without guilt. The food tastes exactly like the oil fried foods you are so familiar with. The pleasantly styled Prestige Air Fryer allows you to fry, grill, bake and roast in a healthy and oil free manner and hence you can prepare some of the easy to cook air fryer recipes in no time. Along with its advanced features such as touch control panel, digital display, pre-set cooking menu, easy to clean frying basket etc.

  • Cooks by hot air - no oil required
  • Fry, grill, roast, bake and more
  • Advanced digital control panel
  • Pre-set cooking menu
  • Temperature control
  • Pull out basket with safety switch
  • 1400 watts power
  • One-year warranty

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