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Khajur-Moongfali Ladoo
Healthy Ladoos for Diabetic persons.....
Rank: 836  
Preparation time: 15 Mins  
No. of people: 5  
Cuisine:  North Indian  
Course: Desserts and Sweets  
Occasion:  House warming, Mostly made in Winter Seasons to fight with Chiiliiiiiii Winter......
by Jyoti Sharma
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Khajur-Moongfali Ladoo by Jyoti Sharma
  • Dates ( Khajoor) - 1 Cup

  • Peanuts (Moongfali)-1 Cup (Chooped)






1. Put Kadahi on flame and roast the peanuts till become golden brown. 

2. Let the peanuts cool down 

3. Remove the skin from peanuts

4. Grind peanuts into powder with the help of blender

5. Put all the peanuts powder into a bowl

6. Now grind the dates.

7. Now in blender put Dates and peanuts powder and blend it again

8. Place this mixture in a bowl and mix it properly.

9. Mixture is ready to make ladoos.

Best served Cool
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