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Just Noodles with tomato sause
Just Noodles with tomato sause is right dish for weight conscious. Generally sr citizens do not like Noodles, but when i make this dish my mother just love and she relishes it very much.
Rank: 811  
Preparation time: 20 Mins  
No. of people: 4  
Cuisine:  South Indian  
Course: Breakfast  
Occasion:  Childrens Party, Conferences, Tiffins, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Party for Elders, Party at Home, ...more
by Vyjayanthi S
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Just Noodles with tomato sause by Vyjayanthi S
Leafy Vegetables
Noodles Atta
Atta Noodles
4 pack
Noodles Masala
Noodle masala
3 pack
3 glass
Tomato sause
Tomato sause
3 to 4 tsp

In a kadai add 1 1/2 tsp oil and heat,

Cut chilli and tomato into small pieces.

Add cut chill and tamoto and mix,

Add tomato sause and mix

Add Noodle masala ( 4 packet) and just mix

Add water 3 glass and allow it to boil.

On low flame Add Atta Noodles and cover it allow it to cook for 5 to 8 minutes.

Once cook, add dhania leaves and serve hot.

AH Yammy noodles for breakfast or dinner is ready.  Relish and eat it too.



Just Dhania leaves.

Best served Hot