Brownie cake

  • Dessert
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  • 0Spicy
  • 45 MinsCook Time
  • Cuisine : Others
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This is one of the perfect cake for brownie lovers. Both Children and elders have this choice.


  1. Milk Chocolate-100g
  2. Butter-100g
  3. Eggs-2nos.
  4. Sugar Powdered-70g
  5. Refined Flour-100g
  6. Baking Powder-1/2tspn
  7. Cocoa Powder-10g
  8. walnuts - 50 gms

Step By Step Method

  • Step 1. Sieve together flour, Baking powder and cocoa.

    Step 2. Melt chocolate.

    Step 3. Cream together butter & sugar. Add melted chocolate.

    Step 4. Blend with step 3, eggs & step 1 to make smooth batter. Mix walnuts.

    Step 5. Grease shallow dish with butter & dust with flour.

    Step 6. Pour batter into dish &. Preheat the Air fryer at 180° C.

    Step 7. Air fry at for 180° C for 20 minutes.


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