Cooking Tips :

Store Curry leaves

Method of preserving curry leaves

The difference between Red grapes and Green grapes

Besides its use in wine, grapes are used for making jams, vinegar, jellies, raisins and grape seed e

Tissue paper magic over Fresh Coriander Leaves

To get fresh coriander leaves in summer for at least 10 days then keep tissue paper at the bottom &

To keep Fresh Dill(Ajwain) for Longter Time

Keep Dill (Ajwain) in foil in refrigerator it remain fresh for longer time.

To keep insect out from dry furits

To keep insect out, mix little salt with dry fruits.

To keep old Clarified butter (Ghee) fresh with Fresh Leamon Leaves

To make store old ghee fresh by heating  fresh leaves of lemon into it. This refresh your ghee.

To keep rawa fresh for longer time

To keep rawa  fresh for longer time always roast for few minutes before keep for storage.

Use fresh pudina paste

use fresh pudina paste in welcome drinks which include soda's taste yummyy.