Cooking Tips :

How to store green peas

Green peas are not always in season and can be very expensive at times. Follow this tip to know how

Lemon (fresh)

Keep Lemon fresh ,cut the lemon in to half keep them in refrigerator in a Air tight contain,remains

Making the perfect mashed potatoes, every single time

Learn how to prepare the perfect mashed potatoes for aloo parathas, aloo tikkis or just about any di

Marking Nuts Secret

• To keep turmeric powder’s fine i.e. away from fungus for a year keep 4-5 marking nuts(Marathi it i

Mashed Potatoes

How to make mashed potatoes?

Medicall benefit

tulsi and kali mirch grinded together into a paste and should be given to a person suffering from hi

Mint Magic

Keep pudina leaves i.e mint leaves on a plate along with cooked serving food item this keeps flies a

Paneer Fresh

Keep paneer fresh for longer duration by wrapping it in a napkin soaked in vinegar solution

Red Chillies Benefits

Red chillies have amazing health benefits for human body. Chilli peppers contain the chemical compou

Secret of delicious sheer khurma

in order to make your sheer khurma more delicious , creamy and smooth textured add some fresh ,nicel